Dianabol (Tablet)



was more or less the second Anabolic Steroid ever produced. The first, as we all know was Testosterone, which was produced in the early 1900s and experimented with by Nazis in WW2, in an attempt to produce a better soldier. Russian Dinabolic and Team Sports History Russian athletes in the 1953 World Championships as well as the Olympic games then used testosterone with great success. After that, John Zeigler, who was a doctor working with the US Weightlifting Team, began a cooperative project with Ciba to develop an equalizer for US athletes. Flash forward to 1956 and enter Dinabolic ; the original trade name for Cibas Methandrostenolone… but called “Dbol” by athletes. The original package insert said that 10mgs/day was enough to provide full androgen replacement for a man and Dr. Zeigler recommended that athletes take 5-10mgs/day. Incidentally, this is also the dose that Bodybuilders were reputed to take from then until roughly the 1970s. Yeah, this was allegedly Arnolds dose, Zanes dose, etc… simply stacked with some testosterone. (For any trivia buffs out there, Dan Duchaines mail order steroid business operated under the name “The John Zeigler Fan Club”).


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